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A Moonless, Starless Night

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A Moonless, Starless Night

Erotic Writing, Collections and Information combining the practice of two Ancient Asian Art Forms;the auspicious power of Feng Shui as it pertains to Relationship and Love and the mysteries of Sacred Sexuality both intended to Beautify, Intensify and Electrify…

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A Moonless, Starless Night

A Moonless, Starless Night

The roar of the sea… the swirl of the wind…. enveloped their presence…. as they shed their shoes and walked the beach.
Under the moonless, starless night he felt for her hand.

He touched her forefinger first…..then lifted her slender hand to his lips…. opened his mouth and softly caressed her finger with his tongue.
They continued to walk.

Her feet slowed as the wetness of his tongue awakened ecstatic shivers in her belly.

For he could do that … to her …with his tongue … his breath….anywhere, any place.

Yoni stirred, her Valley of Joy becoming moist with dew… anticipation of her imminent visitor…..
to be continued…

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A Moonless, Starless Night

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A Moonless, Starless Night

In India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Japan, sexuality has long been regarded as both an art and a science worthy of detailed study and practice. Indeed the Eastern view is that no learning is complete without a thorough knowledge of the sexual principle underlying all existence. Eastern metaphysical traditions make use of the mystery of sexuality as a means to the transcendental experience of Unity. The feeling of Oneness, achieved during or following the sexual act, is the most universally accessible mystical experience.

The sexual secrets for consciously inducing and maximizing the experience of ecstasy are more eloquently presented in the Taoist tradition of China. The Tantric teachings of India evolved synchronously and there was a two-way exchange of techniques and ideas. Tibet received the teachings from both India and China, perfecting the mysteries over a millennium.


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